For the 'user_deleted' Webhooks, we don't see the 'self' field in event payload

Hi There,

On receiving webhook events for user_deleted type, we don’t get the self field in the event payload.
Event payload for user_deleted events is {"timestamp":1493720320238,"webhookEvent":"user_deleted","user":{"name":"abc","key":"abc"}}

While, in the user_created event payload, we do get the self field,
{"timestamp":1493720318921,"webhookEvent":"user_created","user":{"self":"","name":"SharadA","key":"sharada","emailAddress":"","displayName":"SBM Sharad"}}

Can you please suggest me whether this is an expected behavior ?
If it is, is there any way to configure webhooks from Administration portal in order to get this self field in the user_deleted event payload ?


Yes. This is expected behavior. When you delete a resource, it no longer exists, so the self reference is no longer valid. Hence, there is no way to configure webhooks to make it available. What would you do with this URL after the underlying resource is deleted?