Forge 'Allow Access' endless looping when adding certain scope in manifest

Recently, I encountered an issue with my Forge app related to adding certain scopes for the V2 API, which causes an endless loop in granting access.

The scopes I included in my manifest.yml are:

  • read:embed:confluence
  • read:database:confluence

When these two scopes are added, the Forge app continuously prompts for access granting and does not proceed past this point.

Additionally, I receive the following error message in my terminal:

[NEEDS_AUTHENTICATION_ERR: Authentication Required] {
  serviceKey: 'atlassian-token-service-key',
  options: undefined,
  status: 401

Appreciate it if anyone can assist on this issue.

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Hi @ScottWaiCheeTan, could you provide us with the appId for which you are having issues?
In addition are you seeing the issue with these scopes in particular? or is it happening in general for your app?


Hi @BoZhang, sure.
appId: ari:cloud:ecosystem::app/80a301ce-07e9-4c66-882a-e5d7aef8c84d
I’m seeing these scopes in particular, when added these scope, the app will keep asking for granting the access.

I was trying it in a newly bootstrapped app using forge create, is a clean apps.

Hi @ScottWaiCheeTan, sorry for the delay and thank you for providing your appId. I had a look at our logs, and it seems that there is indeed an issue with these particular scopes. I will need to bring this up with the Confluence team. I will give you an update once it is fixed.


@BoZhang Thanks!