Forge API webtrigger - works in dev returns 403 in production

I’ve created a webtrigger and am using it in a automation rule in Jira cloud.
My dev trigger works, however my production trigger returns 403.

  "errorMessages": [
    "You do not have permission to create issues in this project."
  "errors": {}

Could someone please tell me what I maybe missing?
I’m really confused as to why the webtrigger works but not my production trigger.
I have the permissions set and I am running the create issue api asApp().

I recently ran in to something similar where my app had the proper project permissions, etc and it still wouldn’t work as I expected, although in my case it didn’t work in either development or production, but it did work when I switched to asUser. After some hair pulling, as a work around, I instead used a User that was made for apps to use, and passed their credentials in the request header.

I was able to add my app as a user to the projects permissions but now I’m getting a 400 error with setting the reporter name.

Strange that this works in development but not in production.

{"errorMessages":[],"errors":{"reporter":"Field 'reporter' cannot be set. It is not on the appropriate screen, or unknown."}}%                                       

I’ve verified the field is on the screen and I’ve also updated the app user to have the permissions to

Modify Reporter
Ability to modify the reporter when creating or editing an issue.


Did you also check that the app has project permissions for “Modify Reporter”, and “Edit Issues”?

Yes :frowning: They have permissions to Create Issue, Edit Issues and Modify Reporter.

Where do you get your app users credentials?

For the workaround I ended up using, I created a “dummy” user for apps to use, created an API token for that dummy user, and encoded that in the authorization header of the API calls. (We already had a user like this for Jira Automations, etc., so that things weren’t necessarily tied to a single person). I would have rather used the app’s user, but I couldn’t get that working. One day I would like to get back to figuring out using the app’s user, but this worked until then…

Well I guess my situation is slightly different.
I wasn’t able to set the field at all. I already have an app user (similar to Jira Automations) but this was the user I gave all the earlier permissions to (Modify reporter, create, edit issue).

If I remove the reporter field from my http request then the reporter is my app user :person_shrugging:

Right. When the app is installed a system user for the app installation is created. I was referring to creating a separate account user. I did just find these links, I’m still reading through them, but they may hold the answer or at least some more insight.

Well for at least one of our apps, after adding the permissions scopes mentioned in the bug, asApp began working. I then removed those again, and it kept working :upside_down_face:… So maybe that knocked something loose?

You might also try uninstalling your development environment, make the manifest change, redeploy your production environment, and then upgrade the production installation. I only had the production environment installed when I got it working.

UPDATE: After reinstalling the development environment, the production environment continued to work, but the development environment did not.

Thank you for investigating. I’ve noticed this also.
When I have both a development and production version of the app installed, things break. When I uninstall the dev version, production works… :frowning: