Forge App disappeared after the user that installed it got deactivated. (Not yet on marketplace)


I have an Forge App in development that is not yet on the marketplace.
I deployed it to production and installed it on a Jira instance for a betatester.
During that time, I had site-admin permission on that instance.

The instance has now deactivated my account.
This resulted in the app disappearing for the customer on the jira instance. (It is not listed under manage apps anymore, and also the app logic disappeared)
On the developer Console I can still see the instance under “Distribution”–>“Installation”

Is this expected behaviour. Should I just reinstall the app?

@WolfgangLandes thanks for reporting this. We will investigate the problem and come back with an answer. As for re-installation, I assume it won’t be possible as your account is deactivated?

Hi @WolfgangLandes ,

Thanks for letting us know and sorry you’ve run into this. I’ve been trying to replicate this and have been unable to would you be able to file a ticket with DEVHELP, ideally with a video or steps to reproduce to help us with our investigation.