Forge app has wrong name in permission editing dropdown

Hello! We have a Forge app for Confluence. We have usecase when user needs to give this app editing permission for space or page. However, when user tries to do this, our app wasn’t displayed in this dropdown:

Later, by trial and error we figured out that app was actually in this dropdown, but with different name: “Forge App” (while actual name of app is “Task Reports Helper App”)

Is this a bug? Or am I missing something?


Hi @OlegWock , the name that appears should correspond to the title property in your manifest. What type of module is the forge app?

Hello @QuocLieu. Thanks for reply. Where this title property should go in manifest? Should it be under app section or somewhere else?

We have confluence:globalSettings module in our app with title “Task Reports for Jira - Helper App for Confluence API” (and also webtrigger and function modules, but I assume these are unrelated)

Hi @OlegWock I’ve been testing this myself. This is most likely a bug with the confluence global settings. The name in the user picker seems to be coming from the name you registered your app with.

This is not ideal but you can workaround this by:

  • Uninstalling with forge uninstall
  • Register your app again with forge register where it will prompt you for a name
  • Then reinstall with forge deploy then forge install

It will take about 10-15 min for it to update to the new name. I’ve created a bug ticket for this here: [FRGE-1152] - Ecosystem Jira

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Thanks for the confirmation and issue @QuocLieu. I’ll note that re-registration is not an option for commercial apps though, so this will be a major issue for anyone who hasn’t started their app with the exact name that will be used for distribution in the Marketplace later on - would be great to get these kind of CX/DX hurdles out of the way for good (there have been several similar issues already).