Forge App - Index Entity Properties

I’ve got a simple Atlassian Forge based Jira app to display entity properties attached to issues. I would also like to make the entity properties indexable / searchable via JQL.
I read that this can be done with a Connect based app.
How do I do this for a Forge based app?
If I cannot do this for a Forge based app, is it possible to combine Connect and Forge capabilities into the same app? Or a Connect app that does nothing except make the issue entity properties indexable?

Hi @SteveYoungs ,

There’s an issue in the Forge backlog to request this capability - please see [FRGE-158] Allow Forge apps to make entity properties searchable with JQL - Ecosystem Jira.

Further, the team are working to combine Connect and Forge, but I’m not sure about the timeline. You may like to look at this video on the topic: Connect and Forge together | Developer Day 2021 - YouTube.


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Thanks for the reply @dmorrow. I’ve reviewed the linked video and for the future that could be an interesting option. For now however it looks like I’m going to have to create a Connect app to make the entity properties searchable.

It is feasible to have a Connect App which has no UI and does nothing other than configure the issue entity properties to be indexable? i.e. essentially just an atlassian-connect.json file with the only module being a jiraEntityProperties defining my issue properties.

I can then use a Forge based app to handle the custom UI of the entity properties (it’s a simple read-only table built from the issue entity properties). I appreciate that is two apps to install but this is for our own site so this is not a concern (and if/when FRGE-158 gets implemented I can go back to a single app again). I prototyped the Forge UI and I only had to write around 10 lines of code - nice :slight_smile:


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