Forge App - Persist Checkbox State

Hey folks,

I am trying to build a Forge app, and have a problem trying to persist the state of checkboxes in an issue and display the selected checkboxes as checked when a user returns to the issue later.

Here is what I am doing:

  1. Render checklist
  2. Select one or more checkboxes
  3. Persist the checkbox ids using the property api

On return to the issue,

  1. Using a useEffect hook, retrieve the checkbox ids using the property api and set the checkboxes in the list that match the stored checkbox ids.

I confirmed the values are stored and retrieved, but the checkboxes don’t render as checked. I am confused as to how I am supposed to set the checkboxlist array items that I am passing in so that certain checkboxes are checked.

<Form onSubmit={handleOnSubmit}>
    <Checkboxes {...checkboxlist} />

I see in the documentation that there is a checkbox property defaultChecked which is a boolean, so I assume the following would work.

useEffect(async() => {
    //gets an array of int that represents the checkbox ids that are selected
    const values = await getProperty()

    //if values are defined, loop through the checkboxes to find those
    //that match the selected values and set defaultChecked true
    if (values) {, idx) => {
  , idx) => {
                if ( == value)
                    checkbox.defaultChecked = true

        //update the checkbox list in state so we can re-render
}, [])

It’s been some time since I have done React work, so it is entirely possible I have brain-farted something, but if anyone could please point me in the right direction, I’d appreciate it.

Woot! Got it. I think the above is correct, but as I loop through creation of my checkboxes, I needed the defaultChecked property. It didn’t make sense to me because the property name included “default”.

export function Checkboxes({checkboxes, setCheckbox}) {
    const checkboxlist =, i) => {
        return (
             defaultChecked={checkbox.defaultChecked}      <<<=== This was the issue

    return (