Forge app public IP addresses

Are there any statistics on how frequently the Forge app can be automatically redeployed during activity with different public IP Addresses? The case is that we have an external REst API communication app that requires requesting system IP to be in the allowed list. Or maybe there is a fixed pool of addresses?

Hi @IOVA - we do have rate limiting in place on app deployment operations, but I’m not sure if we publish that information. The limits should be fairly generous - how often are you planning to deploy automatically?

Forge apps run within Amazon AWS services, so the originating IP addresses will come from AWS. I have asked internally if we are able to publish these ranges.

Hi @IOVA ,

At this stage we are not able to publish the external IP ranges for Forge apps. I have created this issue to track this potential improvement for Forge in the future: [FRGE-276] Publish external IP ranges for Forge apps - Ecosystem Jira