Forge cloud for Jira Server at least until 2024?

Hello guys,
First of all, I hope you have a great day.
I’m new on Forge, ReactJS and atlassian world, but I want to learn and I want to imagine how this can be done.

I know Server version are being discontinued, but I believe data center will be still alive? What I want to know is if there is a way to develop React js scripts for cloud and make them work in server versiones, is that possible?

Server and cloud apps are drastically difference. You can only develop your own React component and use them in server apps or Atlassian Connect. Of course you’ll need to bundle them via Webpack etc.
Forge looks like React but it is not React.

I don’t think it will be an easy feat to re-use Forge within P2 framework (used by Server/DC). However, we have been able to achieve a 95% re-usability level between Atlassian Connect & Server. Given that Atlassian Connect is still a viable option (and at this point the only option that supports Paid via Atlassian), I would strongly recommend going for Connect and wait until it becomes more clear what the future of Forge will bring.


I read about many tools: Atlassian SDK, Forge, Atlassian Connect… are they for the same job, or it is each one focused in one thing? I mean, shall I learn all of these if I want to publish a plugin in marketplace?

Hey @HackeMate, we have different platforms for different things. This page might be a good place to learn more:

Though you may wish to start at the top: