Forge - Confluence Hello World App Part 2 & 3 - No changes on terminal and front end

I’m following the steps provided on the Confluence Hello World App for the last two parts. No changes are being shown.

For part 2, my tunnel is running but when I added the comment, I don’t see the following result on my terminal:

Same thing for part 3. I have the tunnel running but I don’t see the expected result on the Confluence page.

Hmm interesting. I’ve run the tutorial on my machine and I’m seeing the expected console logs.

The tutorial app is quite short. Would you mind sharing what your code looks like?

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Hi Joshua,

I’ve attached screenshots of my results.

Thank you



Perhaps you need to redeploy the app and re-install it.

The scopes might have changed resulting in a different major version.

Let me know if redeploy and re-install works.

I’ve already redeploy and reinstalled the app multiple times. Based on the instructions, after making changes to the index.jsx file and adding a comment on the Confluence page, there is supposed to be a message on the terminal stating the following:


However, on my end, I’ve added the comment and there are no changes to the terminal.

Hi Ginna

I think a chat might be more productive than talking over the forum.

I’ve sent a direct message to you. Let me know if you’ve received it and are still facing this problem.

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