Forge - Create a scheduled job to export data extracts via Rest API

Within my app I need to allow a user to create a schedule for exporting selected issue change log data to an external database via a Rest API POST request. The POST request would send a single JSON file containing the data. which will need to be generated by the scheduled job

I’m aware that there are apps to do this but I’d like to write my own code within my app.

Any suggestions?

Maybe using “scheduled trigger” module in combination with “storage api” ?

I have not tried the below solution just a guess based on the available documentation.

Create a form using forge ui kit and then allow a user to select a schedule to trigger the data generation.
You can maybe get that schedule from the user and store it in “storage api” and then create a “schedule trigger”.
I am not exactly sure how you would pass the schedule data from the form/storage api to the schedule trigger. I hope there is a way.

Then Inside the scheduled trigger maybe you can refer to a function that actually generates the data.