Forge create unable to fetch templates

My forge version is 6.4.1

PS C:\Users\Documents\repositories> forge create
error: [LaunchDarkly] network error (Error: unable to get local issuer certificate)
Creating an app in your current directory:


Press Ctrl+C to cancel.

Name your app. The app name can include dashes, spaces, and underscores.

? Enter a name for your app: myapp

Start with a template. Each template contains the required files to be a valid app.

Getting template list...   

Error: Failed to fetch templates, try running the command again.

Rerunning the command with --verbose may give more details.

Hi @SuseelaChinniah ,
Have you logged in first?

I have logged in with my API token

It seems like something is blocking your connection to download our templates. Are you behind a proxy? If so you may need to work with your network administrator to allow access to either S3 or bitbucket

This is likely the case since I was using my company machine. Thanks, I will be developing on my PC for now