Forge custom fields in create issue dialog

We are happy to announce that Forge custom field are going to be available on create issue dialog in next week. :partying_face:

All existing Forge custom fields automatically get this feature but initially it would work only for extension points which have rendering function and edit function defined.

In product context there is a property called “renderContext” which you can use to determine on which context the extension point was rendered, e.g. “issue-create” or “issue-view”.


  • support for Forge custom fields on create issue dialog (only when rendering and edit function are defined)


  • formatter support
  • support when only one edit or rendering function is specified

Documentation will be available immediately during the feature release.


I found this improvement has been released. It’s great!

I have a question about it.
Is there a plan to support transition dialog?
Custom fields can also be placed on transition screens. But it seems transition screens don’t render forge custom fields with renderers.

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We have this on the radar (it isn’t scheduled) We are gathering interest to understand for what kind of use cases it is needed.

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