Forge Custom UI bridge lacks initJQLEditor and showJQLEditor

Hey @AdamMoore,

In the last Forge roadmap webinar, you mentioned that the project to reach feature parity between the Forge Custom UI bridge and Connect JS API is complete.

I was just attempting to rewrite a small Connect app in Forge and noticed that the Custom UI bridge lacks the initJQLEditor and showJQLEditor functions.

Is there still a plan to bring those to the Custom UI bridge?

Hi @tbinna,

We do not have an exactly the same API to open the JQL editor in modal from Forge apps but there is another way to do so. Back in February we’ve released @atlassianlabs/jql-editor-forge package that allows embedding JQL editor to Forge apps. With a minimal setup you get the JQL editor plus customizible output which is pretty great when you want to modify the appearance of JQL query result.

You could find an example of such integration in our example apps for Jira.

Hope this solves your problem and enables you to build some extra features :slight_smile:



Thanks for the feedback, Vitalii! I will give that a try.

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