Forge custom ui confluence macro - allow access greyed out and not clickable


I am creating a confluence macro which needs some user info, I have defined the appropriate scopes in the manifest but when I use the macro in the confluence page it says that the user must allow access and greyed out button with label “Allow access” is show which I cannot click (this is a development build).

Ok, this appears to be by design (really weird way to code this functionality). This is how I got it to work:

  1. Add macro to page using the /… functionality.
  2. Publish the page.
  3. On the published page you can now click tje button to give the permission.
  4. Finally you have to refresh the page to get the macro to be actually enabled.

Wow, that is some messed up way to implement this functionality.

Thankfully the team have said that they’re working on it: