Forge Custom UI + Confluence Space Page

I’m trying out a forge custom UI using the confluence space page template that comes up with Forge Install, but before even changing anything it seems like the default example resolver is not loading anything into the page, if I change the html directly I can change what shows up but it doesn’t seem like the resolver is working.

Is this just in beta mode and not ready yet or am I doing something wrong / haven’t done something I need to?


Are you seeing an error or a blank page? Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

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Have you built the static files? You need to go into static/hello-world (as I recall) and do a npm install and then npm build

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I am seeing similar behaviour. I took the template, renamed the module from hello-world to something else, and it won’t work. The template is supposed to display “Loading…” until getText is invoked, then replace it with the returned data “Hello, world!”. Instead, the “Loading…” text is never replaced and I see a console error. The “hwir-new-request” is the key I selected for the confluence:spacePage module:

global-bridge.js:1 Uncaught (in promise) Error: Extension "hwir-new-request" does not exist, the app may have changed or no longer be installed in this context
    at invoke (
    at async

Error: Extension "hwir-new-request" does not exist, the app may have changed or no longer be installed in this context
    at lt.error (
    at Object.<anonymous> (
    at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
    at o (
    at xt (
    at Mt.a.on (
    at Mt (
    at Function.t.try (

I’m also observing that the spacePage only appears in the page list occasionally. When I load a page in any space, it may be there and it may not.

There was one more change I made. I added read scope for jira-work in anticipation of needing it. Removing the scope makes the module function, but to add API calls in my resolver I need to re-add the scope and the module breaks.

As I understand, the change in scope is supposed to trigger an authorization page, but that isn’t happening.

Issue resolved: in order to request permissions from e.g. JIRA even if your module is for e.g. Confluence, it needs to be installed in both products.

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