Forge Custom UI incorrect scrollbar

Hello !
I’ve seen this post and the ticket FRGE-584 which is now closed.

Yet, In a custom UI Jira project settings page, I’m getting a scrollbar in the Custom UI frame in addition to the page scrollbar.

Anything I can do to fix it in my code, or it is on Atlassian’s side ?

Thanks !

Hi FabienLydoire,

Interesting observation and thanks for raising this question. I can confirm that this is expected behaviour when the browser window is narrow and the page breadcrumbs take up 3 lines of space. Does this occur for you if the window is not narrow?

Kind Regards,

Hello @YuweiShen.
The problem is that the browser window is not narrow at all.
The Custom UI frame height is not taking the entire height of the content, resulting in a scrolling of the Custom UI content.

Any hint to fix this issue ?
Thanks !

Hi @FabienLydoire

Can you give us some steps to reproduce this behaviour? Or if possible, your app code?