Forge: CustomField - How to render field using CustomUI?

Hello there,

I am unsure how to render a field using CustomUI. The documentation specifies that the rendering should be done via View() like method which returns CustomField element. This element accepts only a handful of forge/ui elements. For example, If I had a field as a list of users and wanted to render just their avatars using atlaskit/avatar package how would I accomplish that?

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Sorry, but you can’t use Custom UI when rendering a custom field. You’re restricted to what’s available in UI Kit. Could you use the UserGroup component to display the list of users?


Hello @AdamMoore,

thanks for the suggestion but the question was more general as I have an issue rendering a user field ( Forge: CustomField - User rendered field is weird - Forge - The Atlassian Developer Community) so I wanted to find out if there was a way to use Custom UI.

It’s a shame but it’s understandable.

Thanks anyway

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