Forge deploy fails on upload resources step

Since the last friday (13th of may) the forge cli fails to deploy.

Error: Failed to upload resource to S3

I have tried to uninstall the app and register a new appid: no changes.

Looking the verbose output of the process, it fails with the message ‘Error: Failed to upload resource to S3’.

Last successful step is the graphql request to s3 (upload url released)

up… i still can’t deploy my app. and i cannot use tunneling because it goes in timeout

Hi @michelegranato,
Sorry for late response. Perhaps you reached one of the limits. Can you please take a look at this page and verify it?


hi @PawelRacki , thanks for reaching out. I’ve seen the new limits introduced in the page. Maybe it was a resource quota limit. Anyway, now it’s working

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