Forge deploy: Manifest validation failed with “Upsert Environment Request body is invalid. Details ”

Hi All,

We are facing a deployment issue after we added a new permission in the manifest, anyone can help on this?

Screenshot 2022-07-15 at 2.07.03 PM

Error message:

Found manifest file
  Manifest is a valid YAML
  Manifest validation failed
Validation errors: {
  "validationResult": {
    "tid": "eae8c76311f891b0",
    "code": 400,
    "type": "UpsertEnvironmentRequestInvalidError",
    "message": "Upsert Environment Request body is invalid. Details strict mode: unknown keyword: \"fieldDescription\""


Hi KC,

Would you be able to provide your verbose logs when deploying. I believe it’s forge deploy -v?

Would you also be able to provide the version of the Forge CLI that you’re using?


Hi Joshua,

The logs is generating, but when it hit to the manifest part it will show the error above.

Before writing this post we rerun the deployment and it work without us touching any code, base on my research on the community seems like this error will occur on and off.