Forge function execution stops randomly

I am building a Forge app that creates/updates issues in the Jira cloud based on data fetched from an external product API. A scheduler is implemented for the same which periodically does syncing of data from the external product. The initial process may take more than 24 hrs. to complete.

I have observed that the function invocations sometimes stop randomly after a couple of hours of running. All the functions complete their execution in way below 25 sec. and there are no errors shown in the logs and in the metrics provided in the developer console. I have also checked that the function invocation does not exceed the 1000 cyclic invocation limit.

The issue is I am not able to determine why the function execution stops randomly without giving any error in the logs.

Would really appreciate if someone can provide further debugging steps or can look into this from Atlassian side.

Hi @SagarGujarati,

I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’re having with Forge executions failing.

Could you raise an issue in the Bugs category in our ECOHELP service desk with some more details (e.g. the email of the user who owns the app, the name of the app, and the site(s) you’re seeing this behaviour for) and we can help investigate?


Hi @tpettersen thanks for replying,
I have raised an issue in the Bugs category.