Forge Install:list command returns error if app is installed in more than 20 cloudIDs

Hello Forge team,

long time no see and i am coming back with something that i believe it should be fixed.

When i execute the command the console returns me the follow error message:

Error: Server error: [{“message”:“You can ONLY asked for a maximum of 20 cloudIDs”,“locations”:[{“line”:2,“column”:3}],“path”:[“tenantContexts”],“extensions”:{“classification”:“DataFetchingException”,“errorSource”:“GRAPHQL_GATEWAY”}}], requestId=xxxxxxx

As you well guess this is quite of a problem. :slight_smile: I hope there is a solution for this in the near future, or if there is one already, could you please share me the info :slight_smile:

PS. Distribution page and more specific the Installation tab in developer console is not rendering the instance where the app is installed. Hope there is also a solution for this in the future :slight_smile:

Best Regards

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Looks like the same issue as reported here: [FRGE-254] “forge uninstall” fails if you have more than 20 installations - Ecosystem Jira. Probably worth dropping a comment on that issue and mention that it is happening for install:list as well.


Thanks a lot @bentley for the note. I will do it :wink:

Current Workaround i found is the following.

  • In CLI execute: forge install:list --verbose
  • Get the list of CloudIds which are located on the bottom of the console
  • Open GraphQL Gateway and then write some graphQL queries.

Actually it’s not convenient to be honest.

@bentley could i ask you for an advice regarding graphQL in Atlassian side? I’m bumping on a small error and i dont know how to overcome it.

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Hehe, best to create a new topic in the right category! I may not know the answer but I’m sure we can find someone who does.

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