Forge IP for a source allowlist

Hello everyone

I’ve developed a Forge app for Jira Cloud. The application makes requests to remote sources to get data. Please tell me the IP from which requests are made from forge applications. Is this IP static?
This is necessary to include this IP in the allowlist of data source security settings.

Forge apps don’t currently have a static IP address (or range). To show your support for this feature in future you can add your vote to this ticket [FRGE-276] - Ecosystem Jira


@AdamMoore thank for for your reply.

@AdamMoore Could you tell me if there is some common domain (URL) from which Forge sends requests? Something like * or *

@AdamMoore or anyone could you answer my question above?

No sorry, we don’t have a reliable way to identity Forge traffic at the moment.

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