Forge Jira Dashboard Gadget - No entryPoint for edit mode


I am working on a Custom UI Dashboard Gadget using the forge documentation here. The documentation refers to the context.extension.entryPoint. I can retrieve and see the context, and context.extension in the values returned by view.getContext() but there is no entryPoint key in the returned object.

The Atlassian documentation says “With a Custom UI, you can define the same resource for viewing and editing your dashboard gadget” and then goes on to describe the code I posted above for retrieving the context. I have been unable to use the same component for configuring the dashboard because there is no ‘edit’ information in the context. The only solution I have managed to find is to create a separate component for configuring the dashboard and thus specifying a separate component for editing in the manifest.

Using a different component is not much effort but nonetheless it appears that there is no way of doing what the Atlassian documentation suggests.