Forge Macrho 'App Authorization' needs manual refresh of Confluence page


The Forge macro in Confluence seems to always need a manual refresh of the page by the user. However, there is no hint to the user that they have to do it.
This is what happens:

  1. The ‘Allow Access’ authorization dialog is show. Everything is ok:

  2. When the user clicks it, a new tab is opened with the authorization.

  3. The user accepts the app. The Authorization tab closes.
    The original confluence page is shown. It now displays an error!

  4. Only after refreshing the page, the macro starts working:

So, the question is, what are we doing wrong? The app authorization seems to be handled completely by forge and we can’t improve it.

We want either to refresh the page somehow automatically after the App authorization, or at least show a text explaining to the user that they need to refresh the page.

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Hey @RomanStoffel,

We are actively working to resolve this issue. From what we can see, it is effecting a subset of extension points and UI types.

We have some fixes in-flight. Hope to have more updates soon.

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Hi @RomanStoffel,

This issue should now be resolved.

@danielwinterw Thanks. It seems to work properly now, refreshing the macro on its own.

Hello @danielwinterw ,

Thanks for solving this. However, a small thing: would it be possible (or is already on the road map), that the first encounter also mentions the name of the app? So it would be more like “For this app, $NAME_OF_THE_APP, to display…”, maybe even with the app icon, so the user can actually see beforehand for which app they are about to give permissions?

Kind Regards,

Hey @EckhardMaass,

We’re currently evaluating some changes in this area so will take this into consideration. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: