Forge Package Custom Field not found in Automation

I have a Forge app that creates a string Custom Field on the Issue (via the manifest) and then associates it with the default screen. The field shows up OK on the Issue and can be updated via my app, as designed. All OK so far.

Now, I need to build some Automation using this field, but the custom field is unavailable among the list of fields for setting up an Issue fields Condition. It is unavailable via JQL condition, too - for example, this fails validation:

customfield_10038 != 0

  • I can see the field on the screen and it has values. It is not a read-only field, so I can edit its value, too, via the front-end.
  • Since it is part of the installed app, I can’t make changes to the field’s configuration from inside Jira. Of course, I don’t know what changes I would make to get it to appear in the Fields list.
  • Adding a Custom Field from within Jira shows up OK, among the list of fields for Automation.

My field definition looks somewhat like this:

- key: my_app_external_id
name: My App External ID
description: The external ID for this Issue, from my app
type: string

How can I make the field appear among those available for Automation? Maybe something in my YAML? I’ve looked in the doc and conversations here, not seen anything referring to custom-field accessibility/permissions for Automation. All help appreciated!

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This is a critical issue for our app. Any help appreciated!

I can confirm that Forge fields are not fully supported in Automation. We are hoping to change this in the future, but I can’t share any dates yet.

Is there a ticket we might watch and tell our customers (who are already asking for this)?

I just created one: [FRGE-1108] - Ecosystem Jira

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