Forge Storage user data question

I want to store some key value data in the Forge Storage. My question is that if I store some data in the storage other application instances can access it? So is this storage unique for every organization?
For example if there is an and that downloads my plugin will they share this storage or there will be a newly created instance (database) for each of them?

Thank you for your clarification!


As stated in the Forge Storage guide:

Forge’s hosted storage lets you store data partitioned by Atlassian product and site.

The word “site” here is what you mean by “application instances”. Hence, no, your app installed on site a-company cannot get access to your app installed on site b-company. There will be a unique database for each of them. Forge hosted storage is unique per site, not per organization. For Atlassian, organization is a distinct concept that can have multiple sites.

Although you didn’t ask, the statement also means that Jira cannot access Forge hosted storage in Confluence, even if those products are on the same site.