Forge Table renders before data is ready

Hi my goal is to query an api and show the results in a table, I have been using the UI kit category and the confluence macro template, the api query is successful but the table is always empty but confusingly when I use JSON.stringify to output it the data shows with no issue on the page but it doesn’t look very nice which is why I am trying to use a table. Would anyone be able to help me with this?

a simplified version of my code is

//various import statements
//various functions
const App =() =>{
      const ans = useState(async () => await getStuff());
                         <Text> Stuff:{JSON.stringify(data, null,4)}</Text>
                                                  <Text> Column 1</Text>
                                { => (
export const run =render( <Macro app={<App />} />);

The data is there since it’s being rendered in a sibling component. Something is wrong with your code that converts it into Rows. Wild guess from your code: Is data an object instead of an array? That would cause the problem you’re seeing.


Thanks, that fixed it I updated
const ans = useState(async () => await getStuff());
const [ans] = useState(async () => await getStuff());
and it now works. Thanks I am new to using javascript or any front end development, the lack of being able to play around/debug the variables is throwing me as the only thing I can do to check a variable is log it to the console where I can see what it looks like and use typeof to see its type, Do you know is there a way to get the variables to show up in the console?

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