Forge tunnel fails

When running forge tunnel I get this error:

Running your app locally with Docker. The tunnel displays your usage from everywhere the app in the development environment is installed.
Press Ctrl+C to cancel.

Checking Docker image... 100%
Your Docker image is up to date.

Reloading code...

=== Running forge lint...
No issues found.

=== Bundling code...
App code bundled.

=== Snapshotting functions...
global handle not serialized: 0x9755ae1f4a1: [Foreign] in OldSpace
 - map: 0x36f7aa540b01 <Map[16]>
 - foreign address : 0x5336370
global handle not serialized: 0x9755ae1f4b1: [Foreign] in OldSpace
 - map: 0x36f7aa540b01 <Map[16]>
 - foreign address : 0x5336cb0
global handle not serialized: 0x9755ae1f4c1: [Foreign] in OldSpace
 - map: 0x36f7aa540b01 <Map[16]>
 - foreign address : 0x4ea0d70

# Fatal error in , line 0
# Check failed: handle_checker.CheckGlobalAndEternalHandles().
#FailureMessage Object: 0x7ffe2de59900%

forge tunnel previously worked and only just started failing yesterday. Additionally forge deploy fails with the error “Deployment failed”. Not sure what is going on.

Hey @rileysut8991 have you made any code changes since yesterday? This looks like a problem with function snapshotting, there is more information here If you disable snapshots does it begin to work?