Forge tunnel not working

I made a new forge app. It is deployed and installed and running well. But I’m not able to use forge tunnel.

gettting the following error
Tunnel redirects requests you make to your local machine. This occurs for any Atlassian site where your app is installed in the specific development environment. You will not see requests from other users.
Press Ctrl+C to cancel.

Checking Docker image… failed
Cannot pull the tunnel image.

Docker is installed and running.
I’m using
Ubuntu : 20.04
Docker : 23.0.5
Node : 16.19.1
Forge : 6.9.1

I tried many solutions available online but nothing works.

Hi @ZainFareed,

Welcome to the developer community. The most common reason for this error is that your Docker desktop is not running on your computer. I can reproduce the problem by stopping Docker desktop. Can you check to see that Docker desktop is running?


p.s. I realize you said that it’s running… but perhaps just try stopping/restarting Docker desktop just to rule this out.

Actually the docker was running.
The problem was I was not logged in with my Docker ID so after re-authenticating in Docker I was able to pull the forge-tunnel-docker container.
Now the forge tunnel is working perfectly.