Forge tunnel problem

Now you need a ngrok account (mandatory for connection).
You should use the native mode (Node.JS runtime) to avoid using Docker.

A few checks that can be useful:

echo $FORGE_EMAIL should return your email address…
also check echo $FORGE_API_TOKEN
If not, authentication must be set in .zshrc (or whatever file launched when you open a session): FORGE_API_TOKEN et FORGE_EMAIL

You need a ngrok account (for tunneling), and get a authtoken: ngrok - Online in One Line

Check if ngrok-config-path is already set in forge:

forge settings list

If not, do it this way:
forge settings set ngrok-config-path "[path to your ngrok config file. something like /Users/YOU/Library/Application Support/ngrok/ngrok.yml]"

I hope this will help.

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