Forge tunnel with CustomUI

Hello guys,
I managed to start forge tunnel for quicker development cycle of forge app.
The changes in the forge app main part seems to be working (I deleted some part of the code and the changes were done immediately).
But when I tried to change stuff in static assets/react app the changes don’t seem to be propagated (I tried npm run build to build new bundle.js to no avail).
Calling forge deploy propagates the changes fine.
Does someone else run into the same issue or is it expected behaviour?
Thanks MV

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Right now forge tunnel is only working for UI Kit. I may suggest you create a short script that will build the static app and deploy new version with forge deploy. It’s not a perfect solution but it will make your dev loop faster.

Are you planning to improve the situation? I guess yes without any promises.
Thanks for answer

Hi @michal.vrany,

We are working actively to improve this experience. We hope to have more to share soon!