Forge UI kit - headers and text color in <Text>

Hi all,

Is there a way to create headers with element? Want to add some structure to the data I display, and currently, the only option is using bold text as a headline which looks rather subpar.

Is there a possibility to also add headers such as h1-h5 or something like that? Also, what about specifying the font size, is it supported?

Is it possible to add color to the text I render?


Hi @IgorAndriushchenkp, we have heading markup components in the works and it should be within the next few releases. As for color / specific font-size, I’d be keen to hear more about your use case as we’re not sure if we should ship those yet.

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My idea is to use colors for indicating good and bad trends and font size for further formatting - nothing extraordinary. But, in my case, I’m using both Custom UI and Forge UI kit pages, and the lack of formatting features is limiting what I can implement in Custom UI, otherwise, the look and feel of those pages will be too different and inconsistent.


Hi @IgorAndriushchenkp — thanks, I’ll forward this on to the team.

Headings will be in the next release (target next week). I’m not sure we’re going to allow colors just yet - but maybe lozenges and badges might fit your use case


Getting Headings in place is a massive improvement! Look forward to it!

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Just an update on the timeline, Heading should be in the next release (1.5 weeks out)