Forge undocumented limit: 20req/2 seq resolver limit

We noticed there is an undocumented limit (20req/2sec) on Forge resolver calls. This limitation is not documented here

If you make more than 20req/2sec, it simply blocks calls to resolver & product API. This caused a lot of pain for us because it took a long time for us to reproduce it because of the nature of limit and resulting bug.

So my question is, why is it not documented? Can this limit be increased?

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20req/2sec is not reflective of any limits on our end.

We have (and enforce) 500 invocations/25s this is documented here. Is this what you might have been facing?

If you could provide more details on your specific app. Which modules it’s using, which product apis are you calling. That could help speed up investigation.

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Well, this is the exact error message we got, we didn’t make that up: Resolver calls are rate limited at 20req/2s
This error is thrown when we send requests to Forge resolver function.

I think that limit you posted is a generic function limit (not specific to resolver).

We already added a workaround to our app by doing bulk ops in a single call, so won’t help. Hopefully that error message can assist to track it down.

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Maybe the limit is in the bridge instead of the resolver code itself, but effectively the same thing from the app perspective. This has been introduced in '21, here’s the post that announced it: New components, rate limits, and other improvements

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Aha, thanks for sharing the announcement, Thomas. So it seems it was announced, just not documented in the platform limits page.

Thanks for highlighting this @chhantyal - I will add it to the list of reasons why I can’t migrate my apps to forge

Hi @chhantyal , apologies for the delay. The rate limit has been updated to 500 req/25 sec to align with our docs. Please update to @forge/bridge@2.5.3 for this update.

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