"forge uninstall" fails if you have more than 20 installations

Hey there,

We might or might not have been cheekily using forge uninstall to check who has installed our forge apps. Turns out this doesn’t work so well anymore once you have more than 20 installations. A very nice to problem to have, but also a bit annoying, as I can’t uninstall the app on my dev instance anymore:

~/git/my-highly-popular-forge-app(master) » forge uninstall                                                                        

Error: Server error:
    "message": "You can ONLY asked for a maximum of 20 cloudIDs",
    "locations": [{"line": 2,"column": 3}],
    "path": ["tenantContexts"],
    "extensions": {
      "classification": "DataFetchingException",
], requestId=ea5cd1f30e88f387


P.S.: I’m aware that I can just send the GraphQL requests by hand myself, so it’s not that much of a problem. Just wanted to raise this somewhere. :smiley:


Hey @sven.schatter - I’ve logged this bug as FRGE-2540 and I’ve pinged the team that owns the Forge CLI about this problem.

Thanks for flagging it - what a good problem to have :wink: