Forge vs Connect capabilities for complex Jira add-on

Hey there,

I’ve recently been using Forge to create a Jira add-on. The add-on uses the admin page to take a high level view of all the projects. I have found Forge rather limited, as most of the modules are on the project or issue-level. Am I right in thinking Forge does not have these capabilities yet? For example, with Forge custom fields, they are made at the issue-level, whereas I need a custom field the admin can enter at runtime, if it has not been previously set, or to display on the admin page if it has been set prior.

I would much prefer to use Forge over Connect due to the handling of the infrastructure, however it seems Forge is not suitable for complex add-ons at this time. Anyone have experience with complex add-ons in Forge? Cheers!

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Hi there,

The global page is coming we plan to release it on Nov 30.
For storing data on the global level you can use app storage.



Hi @majormull,

We’re developing an app which is “cross project” and are for now using Forge “Project Page” until Trello (Full page for end-users) is available.

Even though it is a project page, we can use it for our “cross project” app.
In our case, the user is typically not an admin so the project page makes more sense than the admin page.


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Tank you for the info. Was it possible the lunch the Global Page? If yes there I can it find or is a public beta avalibe?