Forge vs Connect Framework for Marketplace integration

Hi Team,

We are building our first cloud app on atalssain platform for jira and we would like to get the clarifications on the two framework. the use cases are below :

  • Native app integration - like forge ui /app for inline time/entry configuration get the input form and call external api via resolver / middleware function
  • Product Event Hooks - for data sync to external app via extrenal api calls ( e.g jira issue created / modified event)
  • On demand data export from jira ( issues ) to external system via external api calls
  • less infrastructure and hosting overhead.
  • Marketplace integration

we have started with forge apps which addresses most of the above use cases but it does not support market place integration as per

if it’s required to go with connect app , do we have example app/docuemntation like in forge app.
i didnt find much resource / examples app on bitbucket repo/documentation on connect app.

could you please advise.

Thanks ,

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Hi @HemanthKodandarama,

About the Marketplace integration, I’m please to let you know that it is now fully available (meaning it’s now GA).
This is very recent and the changelog has just been updated to indicate that this is now available. Here is the link to the changelog page with a useful link to the instructions on how to publish such apps on the Marketplace:

Is there anything outstanding now that we know that Forge apps can be published on the Marketplace?

(FYI we will work on removing that unavailability note from the, you will likely stop seeing it today at some point).