Full sized page with project sidebar

Hey community!

I’d like to create a page in project context accessible from sidebar. I’d like my page to have “floating” (persistent) header. To achieve that, I need connect iframe to extend to parent height, but no bigger, so that scrollbar is inside my iframe.

So far I have this configuration:

"webPanels": [
                "key": "some-key",
                "url": "/my-page?projectId={project.id}&boardId={board.id}",
                "location": "my-addon__my-web-item", // pointing to webitem in jira.project.sidebar.plugins.navigation
                "weight": 1,
                "name": {
                    "value": "Some name"
                "layout": {
                    "width": "100%",
                    "height": "100%"

webpanel head fragment:

<script src="{{atlassian-connect-all-js-url}}" type="text/javascript"
            AJS.toInit(function($) {
                $(window).resize(function() {
<div class="ac-content">
<!-- my whole content generated via react comes here -->

Unfortunately this gets my page extend beyond parent height, so that scrollbar is in parent page and not inside iframe. Any ideas what could I try next?

Bonus question:
I’m experimenting with weight both on my webItem and webPanel, but I can’t get it higher than last item in sidebar - any clues?

This issue affects me too and is raised here: https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/browse/ACJIRA-1207

This forces us to use a general page (without the project sidebar) for our JIRA Software add-ons. Can someone from Atlassian please chime in?


For completeness, this issue is already resolved. Related tickets: [ACJIRA-1392

Anne Calantog

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