Future of datacenter testing

This came across the user community:

Since the DC program uses the quickstarts - what does this mean for DC testing? Are those quickstarts no longer supported/updated? Do we need to start learning kubernetes?



Hey Daniel,
Thanks for the question. I think you refer to DC App performance test toolkit. We already offer to use Terraform to test App with Bamboo and this solution exists for other products as well. Terraform is a similar Infra as a code approach that operates all environment deployment with automation. The user experiences will be on par with AWS QS templates.
We have a dedicated team that will manage the rollout of new methods to all DC products. And if there is a special concern for vendors, they can work out a plan.
Mike NI

Hi Daniel,
DCAPT already supports Terraform/helm/kubernetes deployment with Confluence, Bitbucket and Bamboo.
Jira and JSM support is planned along with the next DCAPT release.

There is no need to learn kubernetes actually. One needs to install a couple of tools and run a one-liner command to deploy the environment with a dataset. No need to ssh and run multiple long-running scripts on the backend like it was with QuickStart templates.

If you have any further questions or need any help pls ask in the community slack.