Gadget development for JIRA Cloud Dashboard

Hi community,

In my department, we have been using JIRA Cloud for the last month, and after have set this up correctly with flow, queues and so on.
We have now reached the point, where we would like to implement a dashboard to run on a wallscreen, but the gadgets presented in the dashboard section, does not really fullfil what we want to be showed.

Therefore, because I’ve programming experience, we would like to create our own set of gadgets (or a speciel dashboard if possible, depending on what’s best), to show what we want.

But i’m running into problems before I’ve even started, because I don’t feel like I’m finding the correct information on Atlassian docs. I can only find information about how to create a site or building an app which resides underneath dashboard, projects, settings and so on.

What I really need is a documentation on how to start on creating a gadgets to implement into a dashboard. I already have GitHub, VSC for coding and FireBase to run the gadget through.

Any help will be appreciated.