Gadget fails to render in wallboard

Our iFrame for Jira gadget fails to render in wallboard mode. The error we see in the console is:

?dashboardId=10100:24 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token &
    at eval (<anonymous>)
    at batch.js?adg3Enabled=true&locale=en-US:69
    at Function.globalEval (batch.js?adg3Enabled=true&locale=en-US:69)
    at HTMLScriptElement.<anonymous> (batch.js?adg3Enabled=true&locale=en-US:181)
    at Function.each (batch.js?adg3Enabled=true&locale=en-US:70)
    at init.domManip (batch.js?adg3Enabled=true&locale=en-US:180)
    at init.append (batch.js?adg3Enabled=true&locale=en-US:175)
    at gadgetHtml (batch.js?adg3Enabled=true&locale=en-US&sd_operational=true:6394)
    at batch.js?adg3Enabled=true&locale=en-US&sd_operational=true:6400
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)

Looking at that line in the file doesn’t actually show us anything that could be failing. I am not seeing any docs specific to Wallboard compatibility. We were hoping someone could point us towards something we have obviously overlooked, or even some wallboard specific docs.


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Dashboard items from Atlassian Connect apps have never worked in Jira Cloud wallboards.

I have discussed this several times but currently, the answer by Atlassian is that they do not plan to support them as they are not sure about the future of wallboards The current user experience is quite bad as there is no explanation to the user why they do not see dashboard items in the wallboard mode.

@dmeyer Do you have any update on this?

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Thanks a lot, fool I am for not searching EAN.

No plans to change this. Sorry guys.

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