Gather subcalendar data stored in the browser

We would need the concept of a ‘people calendar’, but linked to the Jira issues. The People calendar shows the involved people directly in the calendar overview. The Jira ticket based calendar requires to click on it in order to show a popup which shows the assigned user. In order to fill the gap of this missing functionality we will develop this as an internal chrome plugin.

At calendar load time, all the subcalendar data is requested ans stored somewhere e.g:

When clickling on a jira-issue in the calendar, the stored content is retrieved and appended in a new
<div id="inline-dialog-.

What I would need to continue, is just the object location where the subcalendar data is stored.

Trough support i got the following answer from a developer:

Yes the data returned by the events rest endpoint is stored, but unfortunately that is private and not made available in the console. I would recommend Stephen calling the events rest endpoint himself, parse and display the data in the desired format. The sub calendar ids can be fetched from the DOM."

I’m trying to understand, if the data is stored in the browser, how can it then be private? If the request to get subcalendar data is already done once and the data is stored somewhere, it would seam silly to request it again.