Gathering issues from a certain sprint via REST API


I’m using v3 of the REST API. I’m trying to achieve the following:

I want to gather all the issues belonging to a certain sprint (likely the active one) using REST API calls. I’ve tried different approaches but I can’t seem to find something that works for this specific case.

Could you please help me?


You can use the search API to query issues using JQL:

You’ll just need to craft some JQL that matches issues for the sprint you’re interested in.

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Hi @FranDomnguez ,

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If you have the sprint ID, you might want to checkout the Get issues for sprint API.


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Hi all,

I actually managed to achieve this using JQL. The query I used was like:

project=X and sprint in openSprints()

I encoded it in the URL and obtained what I needed.

Thank you!