General Jira project pages Forge integration point

I am curious if there is any ETA on the availability of Jira general project pages in Forge (jiraProjectPages in Connect). Is this something that is planned before Forge goes GA?


We are going to release Admin Global Full Page ~at the end of February assuming we will not discover any major roadblocks. Other parts of the global full page (end-users one, project global full page) are on our long term backlog. Dates are not defined we are gathering interest.


Thanks for your reply @JakubMierzewski.

Can you help me understand where Admin Global Full Page is going to hook into the Jira UI (or which one is the corresponding Connect module)? I do not quite understand from the name if this is actually what we are looking for or not. Considering, you are saying there might also be a project global full page, I do not think so. We are looking for a project-centric page that is accessible from the project sidebar.

Also, can I conclude from your reply that this means there are no other UI integration points planned (other than the Admin Global Full Page) before Forge goes GA?


I think “Project page extension” may actually be what I am looking for here. See this Trello board/card:

The good news is that we have decided to schedule work on the Project page for end-users - we plan to release Beta at the end of March.