General pages in SPA


We plan to introduce general pages into SPA (single-page application) shell. It means that your users will be allowed to make transitions between other single-page applications without a full page reload to make your experience with cloud apps smoother. This change does not require any changes on your side.

We plan to start testing it on 5th of February (Wednesday), by enabling the feature on few percentage of the customers from 10am to 10pm (GMT+2). We will repeat the procedure till 7th of October (Friday).

In case you find any issues please add them there:


Hi @BartoszGryta,

Please can you give us more than 0 days notice of changes like this? All vendors have work already scheduled in to do for this week and we’d prefer to know ahead of time that we might a) need to do some more testing this week and b) that we might get a flurry of support requsts from customers saying that Jira is broken again.

Please liaise with @nmansilla to arrange a better rollout strategy with more advanced notice to vendors.



Hi Jon,

Thanks for reaching us out and I’m sorry for this inconvenience.

This improvement does not require any changes on your side. In first iteration feature will be enabled only in testing instances submitted in previous announcement (Connect in SPA invitation).

Cheers, Bartosz