Get /1/organiations/:id returns different data for the same org with different tokens


Today I’ve stumbled upon something interesting:

Doing a REST call at GET /1/organizations/:id&fields=all with two different tokens of admin users of the same organization returns different data response.

In the first case the organization is returned with idBoards: [] where on the second it is returned with idBoards: [ 'id-of-a-board-here' ] which is a little bit strange or at least I’m not aware what could be the reason for that?

May be the second user created a board hidden on organization level for other organization admins? :thinking:

Could you point me at what I’m missing here, please? :bowing_man:‍♂ :blush: :pray:

PS. I can share more exact data details & snapshots if needed.

Yes, I think the second user created a private board in the organization.

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