Get all boards endpoint for OAuth 2.0

I want to fetch the list of all Jira Boards within a project using the Jira Software Cloud REST API (

The problem is that my app is authorized via OAuth 2.0 and the API only lists permissions for Connect authorization. I thought that might mean that hitting this endpoint using OAuth authorization wouldn’t be possible, but I’m able to successfully retrieve data this way.

Is it safe to use it and it’s just a mishap that the required OAuth 2.0 permissions are not listed for this endpoint, or should I refrain from using it?

Thanks in advance for all your help!

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @JuliuszKusiak1,

I’m quite sure it’s just a mishap. And I strongly suspect the scopes are the same as for Get board. But there is technically some risk: because the scopes are undocumented, the change policy is ambiguous. If the scopes needed to change for that endpoint, Atlassian might not provide adequate notice. That said, it seems highly unlikely since the scopes should change with other documented endpoints (like Get board) and folks like me would argue for standard deprecation regardless of the error.