Get all People entries for user

Looking to grab all Jira user-level “People” associations for a single user. Should return assigned roles for all projects, ignoring groups they may be a member of (only need atlassian-user-role-actor types). I also need the full project name, not just the key. This will be running in a ScriptRunner Confluence macro.

Here is what I have/am thinking of:

  • Depending on macro parameters input by user, convert email to Atlassian Id using /rest/api/3/user/search.
  • Use /rest/api/3/permissions/project with BROWSE_PROJECTS to get list of user projects.
  • Loop over /rest/api/3/project/{projectIdOrKey}/role/{id} for each user project and each project role, collecting their role(s) for each project.
    • This will return the project name, which I also need.

There are 107 projects and 3 roles. This means I will need up to 322 API calls (323, if I need to translate email to account id).

This is horrible. There has to be a better way!

The Web UI does a version of this here: https://<site><accountId>

Still can’t find a public API to do similar.