Get all project avatars is not working as expected

We are trying to use to get list of project avatars. Instead of project avatars, it is returning the user avatars

Expected (see the urls object. the dimension property url is /secure/viewavatar. This is the example response snippet from Atlassian. )

      "id": "1000",
      "isSystemAvatar": true,
      "isSelected": false,
      "isDeletable": false,
      "urls": {
        "16x16": "",
        "24x24": "",
        "32x32": "",
        "48x48": ""

Actual (Check the url object. Each dimension property is referring to /secure/useravatar) :

id: "10400",
isSystemAvatar: true,
isSelected: false,
isDeletable: false,
urls: {
16x16: "/secure/useravatar?size=xsmall&avatarId=10400",
24x24: "/secure/useravatar?size=small&avatarId=10400",
32x32: "/secure/useravatar?size=medium&avatarId=10400",
48x48: "/secure/useravatar?avatarId=10400"

Hi @DurgaprasadJamanjyot,

This seems like a bug. Whilst reproducing this, I also added an avatar to a project, but visiting the URLs for all of the avatar sizes returned by the REST API resulted in a 404.

I’ll create an issue for this.


I’ve created for this.

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