Get all users from Jira or JSD

Dear Atlassian developers,

We are migrating data from zendesk to jira cloud using a custom plugin based on rest api calls.
Few months ago,we were using this call to get all users:

Now there is an error with this call, and when trying to execute it with RESTClient, there is the following error:

{"errorMessages":["The query parameter 'username' is not supported in GDPR strict mode."],"errors":{}}

If we try:

we get {"errorMessages":["The username or property query parameter must be provided"],"errors":{}}

Can you please let us know how should the call for getting the users be? We need to get the usernames to match them with the zendesk users.



Hello @nadica.gaber,

I have verified this issue and created ACJIRA-1795 on your behalf. Should we find a suitable workaround, we’ll also update ACJIRA-1795.